Open Positions

PhD Position

We have an open PhD position in advanced single molecule spectroscopy in the Hedley Lab, to start in October 2024.

This PhD will focus on using cutting-edge optical techniques to measure the light emitted by single organic molecules at cryogenic temperatures. The aim of this research is to understand the fundamental behaviour of excited states in molecules and conjugated polymers, with a view to harnessing them for quantum information processing, i.e. can we create an excited state with light in a molecule in such a way that we can use it to build a quantum bit for computation? We will do this by making thin films with target molecules embedded at very low concentrations, and then measure each molecule individually by scanning with ultrafast lasers on our microscopes. The light each molecule emits is collected and detected, and used to determine how the excited state behaves, including observing photon antibunching, which is a signature of a two-level quantum system.

You will work in new well-equipped optics, prep and cleanroom labs in the group, with a new glovebox for sample preparation, ultrafast lasers, an inverted microscope and time-resolved optical setups for conventional single molecule measurements, and our newly installed cryomicroscope for low-temperature ones. Full funding is available for UK based candidates, with an annual stipend of at least £18,662, international students will require tuition fee differences to be covered themselves.

A 2:1 or better degree in physics, chemistry or related domains is required. Recruitment will remain open until the position is filled, please send your C.V. (2-pages maximum) and a cover letter to Informal enquiries are also welcome.

Fellowships and Visitors

We welcome enquiries to work with us from people seeking hosting on fellowship or visitor programmes. We have a significant base of ultrafast and single molecule spectroscopic equipment, and are happy to support proposals that can harness it for innovative work across the physical sciences. If you are interested in working with us then get in touch.